Diabetes Reversal

High Blood Sugar Level is a trending medical concern across the globe. As you skip it and move on with your current routine, your heart, kidneys, and blood vessels are already starting to get compromised when you are prediabetic. A sedentary lifestyle, unstable eating behaviors, work/life-related stress, and obesity are just good enough to push you into the prediabetic stage, which can, in the later stage of life, develop into Type-2 diabetes.

Imagine being able to nullify your blood reports. Imagine being able to counteract your prediabetic phase and fight it. I conceived this Diabetes Reversal program to be an all-inclusive regimen, that covers your diet and your fitness activity. The program will offer a detailed guidelines document comprised of your diet, recipes of tonics/potions (using naturally available ingredients), dosage instructions, and specific Dos and Don’ts. The program covers your enrolment into my Online Fitness Classes, which mandates your daily physical activity. A committed effort from your side is all you need to secure your health.