Trainer's Profile

"You educate a woman, you educate a generation.....!!!"

Through my 14 years of experience, I have collaborated with high-end fitness centers across the city, trained a multifaceted women community involving beginners and superfit gym-stars, patients and pregnant women. I have offered treatments to diversified age groups ranging from infants to elders, tailor-made based on their ortho or neuro ailments.

Your fitness goal for you could be weight loss or weight gain. But, my fitness goal for you would be a complete package that's comprised of enhanced energy, improved endurance, a healthy lifestyle, sustainable eating habits, and your desired body goals - both in and out.

I am a Mom-trepreneur. You read that right. I am a Mom and an Entrepreneur. The struggles of "WORK~LIFE~WORK-OUT" balance is so underrated for women! Joining a gym is easy, but showing up everyday is tough! What if I got your own gym inside your mobile phone with a live, personal trainer!

My lifetime ambition is Climbing the Mt. Everest. What's yours...

Let's catch up over a trial session, shall we?